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      Brief Introduction

      Directed by the principle of “Create High-qulity, Cultivate Exquisite” presented by Ms. Yuan Hua, chairmen of Singapore IEC International Education Limited, we have rapidly grown from a small kindergarten with scores of children into a high qulity one with more than one thousand students. At present, we are offering a variety of educational service such as Educational Program for Preschool Children, Educational Consulting Program and so on. And we have been providing our society with a continuous、stable、steady、and exquisite supply of well-educated students.

      By sticking to the strategy of “Making Exquisite&Making Practical” and cooperating with some well-known Real Estate Investors, and guided by our educational aim of “Absorb the International Distillation, Cultivate a New Generational Enfant”, realize marketing development of the high quality education, make the significant contribution to pre-school education in Foshan and let more children receive the high quality pre-school education. At present, our company have been making great strides forward to high quality of international education.

      IEC aims at creating its own well-known educational brand and growing to be the leader of international kindergartens with high education quality for preschool children.

      In order to strengthen the management of its affiliated kindergarten, our head company has established Office Department, Guarantee Education Department, General Affairs Department, etc. and has armed all the kindergartens with competent managing personnel and qualified teachers.

      August 1st, 2000

      August 2nd, 2002

      March 1st, 2003

      May 6th, 2004

      June 1st, 2007

      August 1st, 2007

      August 1st, 2009

      March 1st, 2011

      September 1st, 2012


      IEC JinGui Preschool

      IEC Rose Garden Preschool

      IEC Xinyu Preschool

      IEC Sunshine Heighs Preschool

      IEC Jingui Garden Preschool

      IEC Emperor Luxurious Blue Gulf Preschool

      IEC Kowloon Bay(International) Kindergarten

      IEC Roseworthy Kindergarten

      IEC The Imperial Kindergarten

      Company culture

      The Singapore IEC international education Limited company (Singapore IEC International Education Limited) is one specialized devotes to the high quality pre-school education internationalization education company. The headquarters are located in Singapore, Macao and Foshan are equipped with the branch. In August, 1991, IEC founded the first kindergarten. In 2000, IEC entered and was stationed in Foshan by the strong trend, has opened the Foshan pre-school education new chapter with the brand-new education idea and the practice.

      Through many years’ constant developing and improving. Now we have founded IEC Jingui Preschool, IEC Rose Garden Preschool, IEC Xinyu Preschool, IEC Sunshine Heights Preschool, IEC Jingui Garden Preschool, IEC Emperor Luxurious Blue Gulf Preschool and IEC Kowloon Bay(International) Kindergarten, IEC Roseworthy Kindergarten, IEC Imperial Kindergarten.

      We have introduced into the essence of the educational experience from foreign countries and methods for preschool children from overseas. Our teaching features to pay attention to the children’s words and behavior by means of moral and bilingual education to provide our society with a steady and consistent supply of well-educated students, we also aim at:”healthy and self-confident, like pondering and studying, amicable and cooperative, taking care of oneself and autonomy” to cultivate the new generational children by sticking to the management idea of “quality utmost, honor foremost”, supplying the excellent pre-school education service for the parents and the society.

      The full English name of our company is: International Education(in)China, which indicates, “International Education is in China” •and• “China Education Walks into the World”.

      IEC Education Brand for preschool children enjoys popularity all around the society. By selecting IEC, you have selected a glory life.

      IEC Story

       logo-150x150.jpg IEC three capital letters from low to high growth form ladder. In purple and yellow LOGO to be buckled closely into a harmonious link, Moral: of the Chinese and western culture blends together, training fair IQ EQ CQ as one of the smart little citizen of the world.
      Mascot Bingo, a little lion for modeling. The lion is the symbol of country garden of Singapore, Singapore also is the lion city , As Singapore IEC international education limited company mascot, has a specific meaning and value. Little lion mascot: display happier sweet and bold and unrestrained, fully embodies in the subordinate of life in the kindergarten children with healthy and progressive spirit, have a strong character of the age and education content little lion mascot right hand forward, make similar to V position, the symbol of the very good meaning of Bingo facial expressions and movements can also with different applications and produce change. jixianwu.jpg

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      ADD:Unit 14,No 9, Shenhua Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.  Email:fsiec@163.com 粵ICP備06022789號

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